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MAILBOX ❧ [ profile] hollyheights

❝every night has us rocking & rolling❞

❝..........................Aa? Is it -- ❞


HOUSE 1428
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a text

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yo kat.
wiggity wack.
break me off a piece of that.
you a partier??
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[And once this awesome/stupid thing is in the works he'll be calling Katsura up to come with.]
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a letter in the mailbox

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[The numbers listed are Hijikata's and Takasugi's.]
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mailbox + text (random choice)

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I see you're making friends.

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[you've received a christmas card with a dumb rap inside!]
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[So Bro told Katsura he'd make a smuppet in his image.

And he has.

It's basically a miniature red Zura, complete with beautiful flowing hair and a kimono and an interchangeable maid outfit. There's a tag attached to it with little more than a scribble of Santa with Kamina shades on.]
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[ Inside Katsura's mailbox, he fill find from his Secret Santa: (1) holly jumper, unmistakably the same that the Landlord has previously sent out to everyone, and (1) authentic bird's nest, which Kai picked out of a Christmas tree. At least he had the decency to throw out the Landlord's chocolates instead of recycling that gift as well. Folded inside the jumper is a letter with no address or name: ]

As the saying goes, "Bah, humbug." Enjoy.
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Christmas present,

[personal profile] pasodoble 2012-12-23 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
( For Christmas, Katsura will receive a stress ball and a small box of mantecados.

When he picks up his paycheck for the month, he will notice a moderate Christmas bonus.

Thank you for your hard work this year. See you again after Christmas. :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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[ Whether you've been naughty or nice, Hong Kong wants you to have a very Merry Christmas and happiest holidays. The best way to do this, of course, is via eating sweets that have been lovingly and tenderly hand-crafted for you and by imbibing a little mulled wine. If you're underage, you get some apple cider. Which is just as festive! Warm it up, sit in front of your tree, and eat the heads off some gingerbread people as you wait for Santa to come knocking. Or sliding down your chimney, whichever. Included with the package is a card wishing you a "Happy Christmas!"

It's tough to tell, but Katsura's gingerbread men have been very carefully decorated to look like various protagonists from kung fu films. Additionally, his package includes several helpful books on child-rearing.... ]
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youre probably fucking off with bro
making the sweet yaoi hands on too broad shoulders
burgeoning hearts and swelling co
ok time to stop there before he gets a hold of this and poisons all the doritos in my house
eggs i guess
probably eggs my """sibling""" is obsessed with them or something
she keeps hiding them all over the fucking place??
is she waiting for the great chicken lord or something
some strikenasty doom prophecy brought on by crotchety old chinese monks telling us THIS is what the chinese zodiac was really all about
one cock to rule them all one cock to find them
one cock to bring them all and in the cervix bind them
holy shit thats horrifying
ok anyway
turntechGodhead [TG] sent Katsura Kotaru file "explore hermiX.mp3"
it took me basically no time at all to make since i cant get to the university today to see if they have formaldehyde
you can basically forget this never happened if you want

[but if Katsura should choose to open explore hermiX.mp3 in his FRESHJAMZ MEDIA PLAYER, he'll find his rap layered over some beats, not unlike the ones he'd heard at the Strider Soiree sometime ago -- but this is different, more of a stand alone complex, without having to mesh them with Dirk's style]

[it's pretty atmospheric, the sound caving in and curving around Katsura's flowing voice the way one might hear the pull of a black hole and its event horizon, sometimes waved, sometimes silent]

[there are mic clicks that sound like the scurrying of crab legs intermittently dispersed]

[on the whole, it's not bad, even if it is rough in its production]
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yo kitkat
second in command has hereby been promoted to first in command
gratz head sensei
big reveal is now your gig but you cant touch the aesthetics
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Mailbox on the 14th

[personal profile] extremelycute 2013-02-15 11:46 am (UTC)(link)

[A signed card, and...]

[There's a mess in the kitchen, but she bought these at the store. The mess is to fool her not!dads into thinking she did actual work.]

[ooc; Haha, we still haven't threaded, but Miu wouldn't miss a chance to possibly get chocolates. /o\;; Hope this is okay!]
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Eh, moshi moshi. Katsura-san?

[strangely polite]

Remember season four of Brave and Dangerous that you rented out two months ago? I need it.
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Oho, you think one can simply skip practice without prior notice?!
You'd better be dead and rotting when you get to the field tomorrow, or I'll make sure you are!

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