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TEXT&VOICE MESSAGE POST ❧ [ profile] gargleblasted

❝we can play charades when there is nothing to say❞

❝Testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two...

...Elizabeth? Elizabeth! I don't think it's working.❞


VOICE; backdated to late on the 25th i suck at finishing threads quickly okay dfgjkj

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'Ve got the monkey. She's cute. I'm gonna bring her back now, then I'm gonna go out. Probably won't be back tonight after that. Maybe tomorrow, I dunno. Anyway, I don't know if yer gonna be awake, so I'm jus' leavin' this here so ya know ta feed her. Ya can call her what ya want, by the way. Don't much care anymore.

See ya.
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Hello? Katsura-san?

Hi, this is Renge! And I just wanted to let you know you've been invited to thanksgiving with me and Sakura and whoever else is gonna come! Okay~? It's going to be awesome, we're gonna have a lot of food so be there, okay?
/ma cherie!

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I need to examine Gintoki.

Please convince him to see me at his earliest convenience.

VOICE; the drunkest of drunk messages ever

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Zura, man. Zura. Zura why aren't you pi-- ...pickin' up. OI. OI, Y'IDIOT!

...M'sorry. I din' mean t'yell. M'sorry. You know I love you, man. But not-- not that way. Just--

...Man, you know. I've know you forever. Since we were like.



...And. And like. Your fuckin' hair, man, it's impossible. It's so stupid. But I forgive you. I forgive you b'cause I accept you. I accept ever'thin' about you, like your hair. And your duck.


But 'lizabeth's all right. She's all right! She's not good for you though man, she's like. She's a man. She hugged Shinpachi. She did that once. She liked it. Don't think he liked it. But that's all right, man, because I ain't too fond of Otae sometimes. But I like her because Shinpachi likes her because he's sisters.

They're both. ...Sisters.

...That bitch be. She's like.


...m'sorry. Didn't mean t'yell.

...Elizabeth's got some problems, Zura. An' she's gonna take all of 'em out'n you. But that's okay, because-- b'cause she just wants a razor, okay? Get a. ...Get a fucking bottle of Nair or somethin'. Be consid'rate of her needs, all right?

And you've. There's some unibrow.

On you. Not on her.


...Just sayin'.
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katsura stuck on dolphin pool in eye of storm think you can send dolphins or have better plan y/n
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[Apparently Shinpachi thought the voicemail message was Zura.]

[He's currently laughing with...someone.]

Oi...! Oi! Katsssssura-saaa--[Hiccup]nnnn!

Are you there? Hellooo~?


No sssshhuttup Kamui-san he doesn't like you either

no one likes you

my sister might...might like. Might like you. I'unno she's crazy.


No you can't--you can't talk. Pffft. You can't tal--OH it's on! KATSURA-SAAAAN!!!


Kamui-san...Kamui-san is making me drink. He's kinda scary but


you're kinda like a mom or something

I'unno what moms are supposed to be like but I know they're not s'pposed'ta have a [CENSORED]


So you're like a weird



I think I threw up on Kamui-san...

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Where did you go?
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Katsura. It's Riku.

Give me a ring if you aren't... [ a mumble to himself, something along the lines of "what do they call it?" ] ...flung over. [ ...yeah, that's totally it. ]

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how was your valentine's day?
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[phone call]

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[riiiiiiing ring]
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I'll be there in five minutes.

[ So he's. Leaving in four. The five minutes is just to give you time. ]
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[So yeah, that amanto sex doll that Sakamoto got Shinpachi for Christmas?]

[He's somehow managed to turn it off and subdue it. Now it's in a giant burlap sack and he's trying to stuff it into the cargo hold of Sakamoto's ship.]

[Very solemnly.]

[It actually looks like he's trying to hide evidence.]

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[She looked up his residence numbers following their conversation. 4-2? Better to err on the side on caution. After the initial inquiry to the so-called "liquor specialist" at the bar, she requested that the bottle not simply be left at the doorstep. No, it had to find itself into the hands of Mr. Katsura Kotarou himself. Please understand that this was an urgent matter. Apologies for the trouble. Could they please forward photographic evidence to her that it had arrived safely? The Guide had a recording function, didn't it? Yes, she would tip extra.

She didn't think she'd done quite so much pondering over liquor before. Back home, she'd had a personal sommelier handle selecting this particular sort of token. This wasn't something she knew much about. Which bottle? What liquor? Mister Katsura was Japanese so she asked for something sharing his origin. Sake then? Ordinary or special-designation? The kind that you serve hot or cold?

Which one cost more?

All right, Junmai Daiginjō-shu? And it could be served cold? Well, the temperatures aboard were climbing due to the power outage. Something cold would be good to enjoy after this fiasco with the environmental controls was resolved.

She asked for one of the smaller bottles. A little luxury went a long way? Didn't want to encourage a bad habit. The only reason she knew he imbibed was because she'd seen him drunk. Perhaps this was in bad form. But at least she knew this was something he enjoyed?

Yes, she was over-thinking.

There was more said by the "liquor specialist." About rice milling and fermentation. Regretfully, this terminology flew over her head. If ever there was a time to decide to take up drinking herself...

Before allowing the bottle to be sent on its merry way, she took out a sheet of Preventer stationery and her green fountain pen. Hopefully, Mister Katsura could read English. If not, the delivery boy offered to read it aloud. This was what the note contained, written in loopy green cursive:]

To: Mr. Katsura Kotarou

I hope this finds you well. Pardon the lateness. I assure you that next year's present will be on time. Here's hoping my selection is to your liking. If not, the delivery person will accommodate any sort of trade you desire provided the establishment can cater to it. They primarily sell liquor but you can also redeem a meal instead. I admit I was at a loss while choosing this bottle but they assured me of its quality. I'm not well-versed when it comes to spirits but I trust their judgment and hope it makes this new year of life for you a bit more pleasant.

[She decided against signing her name. No recognition required.]

[And so the delivery boy waited to read the note outside 4-2. His Guide was at the ready to take Katsura's picture so the one who had sent him on the errand could be assured that the bottle had arrived safely.]
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[The phone is ringing! AHAHAHAHA]


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