itsnotzura: (Admit no defeat despite the grief.)
Katsura Kotarou 《 桂 小太郎 》 ([personal profile] itsnotzura) wrote 2012-11-07 02:36 am (UTC)

Re: voicemail.

[his lip curls, immediately, at that drawling tone, that lingering pseudo-threat, that condescending presumption]

[the message ruffles him more than it should; but then, that was likely Takasugi's intention, wasn't it]

[he lets the voicemail sit in his phone for hours, (pretending that he's) giving no thought to it, but as the sun sets in a brittle sky, he finds his hand straying, the message repeated before he realises he's let his fingers slide over the face of the touchscreen]

[it takes him another hour to come to a decision]

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